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Findings (MAC III - Administrative Sensitive)

Finding ID Severity Title
V-17067 Medium ROSCOE STC data sets are not properly protected.
V-18011 Medium Resouce Class ROSRES is not defined or active in the ACP.
V-17452 Medium ROSCOE Started Task name is not properly identified / defined to the system ACP.
V-18014 Medium ROSCOE configuration/parameter values are not specified properly.
V-17454 Medium ROSCOE Started task(s) must be properly defined to the Started Task Table ACID for Top Secret.
V-17947 Medium ROSCOE resources must be properly defined and protected.
V-17469 Medium ROSCOE is not properly defined to the Facility Matrix Table for Top Secret.
V-16932 Medium ROSCOE Install data sets are not properly protected.