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IBM Integrated Crypto Service Facility (ICSF) Started Task name is not properly identified / defined to the system ACP.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-225578 ZICST030 SV-225578r472532_rule Medium
IBM Integrated Crypto Service Facility (ICSF) requires a started task that will be restricted to certain resources, datasets and other system functions. By defining the started task as a userid to the system ACP, It allows the ACP to control the access and authorized users that require these capabilities. Failure to properly control these capabilities, could compromise of the operating system environment, ACP, and customer data.
z/OS ICSF for TSS Security Technical Implementation Guide 2021-10-04


Check Text ( C-27277r472530_chk )
a) Refer to the following reports produced by the TSS Data Collection:


b) Review the IBM Integrated Crypto Service Facility (ICSF) STC/Batch ACID(s) for the following:

___ Is defined with Facility of STC and/or BATCH.

___ Is sourced to the INTRDR.

c) If all of the above are true, there is NO FINDING.

d) If any of the above is untrue, this is a FINDING.
Fix Text (F-27265r472531_fix)
The Systems Programmer and IAO will ensure that the started task for IBM Integrated Crypto Service Facility (ICSF) Started Task(s) is properly Identified / defined to the System ACP.

If the product requires a Started Task, verify that it is properly defined to the System ACP with the proper attributes.

Most installation manuals will indicate how the Started Task is identified and any additional attributes that must be specified. Define the started task userid CSFSTART for IBM Integrated Crypto Service Facility (ICSF).


FAC(STC) PASSWORD(password,0) -