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BMC MAINVIEW for z/OS configuration/parameter values are not specified properly.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-224255 ZMVZA040 SV-224255r518976_rule Medium
BMC MAINVIEW for z/OS configuration/parameters controls the security and operational characteristics of products. If these parameter values are improperly specified, security and operational controls may be weakened. This exposure may threaten the availability of the product applications, and compromise the confidentiality of customer data.
z/OS BMC MAINVIEW for z/OS for ACF2 Security Technical Implementation Guide 2022-03-22


Check Text ( C-25928r518974_chk )
Refer to the Configuration Location dataset and member specified in the z/OS Dialog Management Procedures for BMC MAINVIEW for z/OS.

Automated Analysis
Refer to the following report produced by the z/OS Data Collection:

- PDI(ZMVZ0040)

The following keywords will have the specified values in the BMC MAINVIEW for z/OS security parameter member:

Fix Text (F-25916r518975_fix)
The BMC MAINVIEW for z/OS Systems programmer will verify that any configuration/parameters that are required to control the security of the product are properly configured and syntactically correct. Set the standard values for the BMC MAINVIEW for z/OS security parameters for the specific ACP environment along with additional IOA security parameters with standard values as documented below.