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Wireless Management Server Policy Security Technical Implementation Guide

Findings (MAC III - Administrative Sensitive)

Finding ID Severity Title
V-24957 High If a data spill (Classified Message Incident (CMI)) occurs on a wireless email device or system at a site, the site must follow required data spill procedures.
V-24955 Medium A data spill (Classified Message Incident (CMI)) procedure or policy must be published for site smartphones and tablets.
V-24970 Low The smartphone management server administrator must receive required training.
V-24962 Low The site Incident Response Plan or other procedure must include procedures to follow when a mobile operating system (OS) based smartphone or tablet device is reported lost or stolen.
V-24969 Low Required actions must be followed at the site when a smartphone has been lost or stolen.
V-28313 Low Smartphone management server administrator training must be renewed annually.
V-24971 Low The IAO at the mobile device management server site must verify local sites, where mobile devices are provisioned, issued, and managed, are conducting annual self assessments.