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The Photon operating system must audit all account disabling actions.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-239117 PHTN-67-000046 SV-239117r816631_rule Medium
When operating system accounts are disabled, user accessibility is affected. Accounts are used for identifying individual users or the operating system processes themselves. To detect and respond to events affecting user accessibility and system processing, operating systems must audit account disabling actions.
VMware vSphere 6.7 Photon OS Security Technical Implementation Guide 2022-06-17


Check Text ( C-42328r816629_chk )
At the command line, execute the following command:

# auditctl -l | grep "^-w /usr/bin/passwd"

Expected result:

-w /usr/bin/passwd -p x -k passwd

If the output does not match the expected result, this is a finding.

Note: This check depends on the auditd service to be in a running state for accurate results. Enabling the auditd service is done as part of a separate control.
Fix Text (F-42287r816630_fix)
Open /etc/audit/rules.d/audit.STIG.rules with a text editor and add the following lines:

-w /usr/bin/passwd -p x -k passwd

At the command line, execute the following command:

# /sbin/augenrules --load