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The Blast Secure Gateway must be configured to only support TLS 1.2 connections.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-246884 HRZV-7X-000003 SV-246884r790553_rule High
Preventing the disclosure of transmitted information requires that the application server take measures to employ strong cryptographic mechanisms to protect the information during transmission. This is usually achieved through the use of Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS must be enabled and non-FIPS-approved SSL versions must be disabled. NIST SP 800-52 specifies the preferred configurations for Government systems. According to NIST and as of publication, TLS 1.1 must not be used and TLS 1.2 will be configured. Note: Mandating TLS 1.2 may affect certain client types. Test and implement carefully.
VMware Horizon 7.13 Connection Server Security Technical Implementation Guide 2021-07-30


Check Text ( C-50316r768610_chk )
On the Horizon Connection Server, navigate to "\VMware\VMware View\Server\appblastgateway".

If a file named "absg.properties" does not exist in this path, this is a finding.

Open "absg.properties" in a text editor. Find the "localHttpsProtocolLow" and "localHttpsProtocolHigh" settings.

Ensure they are set as follows:


If the "localHttpsProtocolLow" or "localHttpsProtocolHigh" settings do not exist, this is a finding.

If the "localHttpsProtocolLow" and "localHttpsProtocolHigh" are not exactly as above, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-50270r768611_fix)
On the Horizon Connection Server, navigate to "\VMware\VMware View\Server\appblastgateway".

Open "absg.properties" in a text editor. Add or change the following lines:


Save and close the file. Restart the "VMware Horizon 7 Blast Secure Gateway" service for changes to take effect.