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The Sun Ray Session Server (SRSS) is used to host other applications.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-16412 SUN0220 SV-17405r1_rule DCBP-1 Medium
The availability of the Sun Ray Session Server (SRSS) is critical since it manages the sessions associated with the Desktop Units. The Sun Ray software controls user authentication, encryption between Sun Ray servers and Desktop Units, system administration tools, session management, policy enforcement, and device management. If other applications are competing or using hardware resources, the availability of the SRSS may be a risk. Furthermore, application programs such as web servers, databases, or messaging systems may provide an avenue by which a privileged user may unintentionally introduce malicious code.
Sun Ray 4 Policy STIG 2015-04-02


Check Text ( C-17282r1_chk )
Ask the IAO/SA what applications are running on the SRSS. Besides the documented UNIX services, the SRSS may have the following running as part of the Sun Ray solution and these are not applicable to this check:
- DHCP Server
- Sun Ray Connector for Windows OS
Fix Text (F-16437r1_fix)
Remove all applications that are not required for the SRSS.