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Required procedures must be followed for the disposal of smartphones.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-24958 WIR-SPP-004 SV-30695r2_rule ECSC-1 PECS-1 Low
If appropriate procedures are not followed prior to disposal of a smartphone, an adversary may be able to obtain sensitive DoD information or learn aspects of the configuration of the device that might facilitate a subsequent attack.
Smartphone Policy Security Technical Implementation Guide 2012-10-09


Check Text ( C-31118r2_chk )
This requirement applies to mobile operating system (OS) smartphones and tablets.

Prior to disposing of a smartphone (for example, if the smartphone is transferred to another DoD or government agency), follow the disposal procedures found in the STIG/ISCG Technology Overview document of the STIG/ISCG for the smartphone of interest. For example, look in the BlackBerry Overview document in the BlackBerry STIG for the disposal procedures for a BlackBerry smartphone or the Windows Mobile Overview in the Good Mobile Messaging STIG for the disposal procedures for a Windows Mobile smartphone.

Interview the IAO.

Verify proper procedures are being followed and the procedures are documented.

Check to see how retired, discarded, or transitioned smartphones were disposed of during the previous 6 – 12 months and verify compliance with requirements.

Note: The site can find disposal procedures listed in the smartphone STIG/ISCG.

Mark as a finding if procedures are not documented or if documented, they were not followed.
Fix Text (F-27586r1_fix)
Prior to disposing of a smartphone or transitioning it to another user, either in DoD or another agency, follow required procedures.