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Smartphone Policy Security Technical Implementation Guide

Findings (MAC II - Mission Support Sensitive)

Finding ID Severity Title
V-24960 High Mobile operating system (OS) based smartphone and tablet devices and systems must not be used to send, receive, store, or process classified messages unless specifically approved by NSA for such purposes and NSA approved transmission and storage methods are used.
V-24957 High If a data spill (Classified Message Incident (CMI)) occurs on a wireless email device or system at a site, the site must follow required data spill procedures.
V-24954 High The site physical security policy must state digital cameras (still and video) must not be allowed in any SCIF or other areas where classified documents or information is stored, transmitted, or processed.
V-32677 High A security risk analysis must be performed on a mobile operating system (OS) application by the DAA or DAA authorized authority prior to the application being approved for use.
V-24965 Medium Smartphone Instant Messaging (IM) client application must connect only to a DoD controlled IM server compliant with the Instant Messaging STIG.
V-24955 Medium A data spill (Classified Message Incident (CMI)) procedure or policy must be published for site smartphones and tablets.
V-32674 Medium All non-core applications on the smartphone must be approved by the DAA or the Command IT Configuration Control Board.
V-24966 Low The site wireless policy or wireless remote access policy must include information on required smartphone/tablet Wi-Fi security controls.
V-24964 Low Mobile device software updates must only originate from approved DoD sources.
V-24963 Low The mobile device SA must perform a wipe command on all new or reissued smartphones and a STIG or ISCG-compliant IT policy will be pushed to the device before issuing it to DoD personnel.
V-24961 Low Mobile device users must complete required training before being provided mobile devices or allowed access to DoD networks with a mobile device.
V-24958 Low Required procedures must be followed for the disposal of smartphones.
V-24953 Low Site physical security policy must include a statement if PDAs and smartphones with digital cameras (still and video) are permitted or prohibited on or in this DoD facility.
V-24969 Low Required actions must be followed at the site when a smartphone has been lost or stolen.
V-24968 Low Mobile devices must be provisioned with DoD PKI digital certificates, so users can digitally sign and encrypt e-mail notifications or other e-mail messages required by DoD policy. DAA approval will be obtained prior to the use of software PKI certificates on mobile devices.
V-25036 Low The site physical security policy must include a statement if PDAs, smartphones, and tablets with digital cameras (still and video) are permitted or prohibited on or in the DoD facility.
V-25034 Low Users must receive training on required topics before they are authorized to access a DoD network via a wireless remote access device.
V-25035 Low The site must have a Wireless Remote Access Policy signed by the site DAA, Commander, Director, or other appropriate authority.
V-24962 Low The site Incident Response Plan or other procedure must include procedures to follow when a mobile operating system (OS) based smartphone or tablet device is reported lost or stolen.
V-28317 Low Mobile users must complete required training annually.