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OL 8 must disable network management of the chrony daemon.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-248822 OL08-00-030742 SV-248822r780032_rule Low
Inaccurate time stamps make it more difficult to correlate events and can lead to an inaccurate analysis. Determining the correct time a particular event occurred on a system is critical when conducting forensic analysis and investigating system events. Sources outside the configured acceptable allowance (drift) may be inaccurate. Minimizing the exposure of the server functionality of the chrony daemon diminishes the attack surface. Note that USNO offers authenticated NTP service to DoD and U.S. Government agencies operating on the NIPR and SIPR networks. Visit https://www.usno.navy.mil/USNO/time/ntp/dod-customers for more information.
Oracle Linux 8 Security Technical Implementation Guide 2022-12-06


Check Text ( C-52256r780030_chk )
Verify OL 8 disables network management of the chrony daemon with the following command:

$ sudo grep -w 'cmdport' /etc/chrony.conf

cmdport 0

If the "cmdport" option is not set to "0" or is commented out or missing, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-52210r780031_fix)
Configure OL 8 to disable network management of the chrony daemon by adding/modifying the following line in the "/etc/chrony.conf" file.

cmdport 0