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A separate OL 8 filesystem must be used for user home directories (such as "/home" or an equivalent).


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-248648 OL08-00-010800 SV-248648r779510_rule Medium
The use of separate file systems for different paths can protect the system from failures resulting from a file system becoming full or failing.
Oracle Linux 8 Security Technical Implementation Guide 2022-12-06


Check Text ( C-52082r779508_chk )
Verify that a separate file system/partition has been created for non-privileged local interactive user home directories.

Check the home directory assignment for all non-privileged users, users with a User Identifier (UID) greater than 1000, on the system with the following command:

$ sudo awk -F: '($3>=1000)&&($1!="nobody"){print $1,$3,$6}' /etc/passwd

adamsj 1001 /home/adamsj
jacksonm 1002 /home/jacksonm
smithj 1003 /home/smithj

The output of the command will give the directory/partition that contains the home directories for the non-privileged users on the system (in this example, "/home") and users’ shell. All accounts with a valid shell (such as "/bin/bash") are considered interactive users.

Check that a file system/partition has been created for the non-privileged interactive users with the following command.

Note: The partition of "/home" is used in the example.

$ sudo grep /home /etc/fstab

UUID=333ada18 /home ext4 noatime,nobarrier,nodev 1 2

If a separate entry for the file system/partition that contains the non-privileged interactive users' home directories does not exist, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-52036r779509_fix)
Migrate the "/home" directory onto a separate file system/partition.