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Administrative privileges must be assigned to database accounts via database roles.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-237709 O121-C2-004000 SV-237709r667159_rule Medium
Applications employ the concept of least privilege for specific duties and information systems (including specific functions, ports, protocols, and services). The concept of least privilege is also applied to information system processes, ensuring that the processes operate at privilege levels no higher than necessary to accomplish required organizational missions and/or functions. Organizations consider the creation of additional processes, roles, and information system accounts as necessary to achieve least privilege. Organizations also apply least privilege concepts to the design, development, implementation, and operations of information systems. Privileges granted outside the context of the application user job function are more likely to go unmanaged or without oversight for authorization. Maintenance of privileges using roles defined for discrete job functions offers improved oversight of application user privilege assignments and helps to protect against unauthorized privilege assignment.
Oracle Database 12c Security Technical Implementation Guide 2022-06-13


Check Text ( C-40928r667157_chk )
Review accounts for direct assignment of administrative privileges. Connected as SYSDBA, run the query:

SELECT grantee, privilege
FROM dba_sys_privs
WHERE grantee IN
SELECT username
FROM dba_users
WHERE username NOT IN
'SYSMAN', 'APEX_040200', 'WMSYS',
ORDER BY 1, 2;

If any administrative privileges have been assigned directly to a database account, this is a finding.

(The list of special accounts that are excluded from this requirement may not be complete. It is expected that the DBA will edit the list to suit local circumstances, adding other special accounts as necessary, and removing any that are not supposed to be in use in the Oracle deployment that is under review.)
Fix Text (F-40891r667158_fix)
Create roles for administrative function assignments. Assign the necessary privileges for the administrative functions to a role. Do not assign administrative privileges directly to users, except for those that Oracle does not permit to be assigned via roles.