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The DBMS must prevent unauthorized and unintended information transfer via shared system resources.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-220299 O121-C2-018900 SV-220299r397765_rule Medium
The purpose of this control is to prevent information, including encrypted representations of information, produced by the actions of a prior user/role (or the actions of a process acting on behalf of a prior user/role) from being available to any current user/role (or current process) that obtains access to a shared system resource (e.g., registers, main memory, secondary storage) after the resource has been released back to the information system. Control of information in shared resources is also referred to as object reuse. Data used for the development and testing of applications often involves copying data from production. It is important that specific procedures exist for this process, so copies of sensitive data are not misplaced or left in a temporary location without the proper controls.
Oracle Database 12c Security Technical Implementation Guide 2022-06-13


Check Text ( C-22014r392028_chk )
Verify there are proper procedures in place for the refreshing of development/test data from production. Review any scripts or code that exists for the movement of production data to development/test, and verify copies of production data are not left in unprotected locations.

If there is no documented procedure for data movement from production to development/test, this is a finding.

If the code that exists for data movement does not remove any copies of production data from unprotected locations, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-22006r392029_fix)
Create and document a process for moving data from production to development/test systems, and follow the process.

Modify any code used for moving data from production to development/test systems to ensure copies of production data are not left in nonsecured locations.

Moving data is only a part of the challenge of protecting the data. When the data is moved, it should also be changed so sensitive information is not made available in development environments.

With the Oracle Data Masking Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager, organizations can comply with data privacy and protection mandates that restrict the use of actual customer data. With Oracle Data Masking Pack, sensitive information, such as credit card or social security numbers, can be replaced with realistic values, allowing production data to be safely used for development, testing, or sharing with out-source or off-shore partners for other nonproduction purposes. When used in conjunction with Oracle Enterprise Manager, it is easy to develop a secure process that is capable of obfuscating the data during the movement process.

If the Oracle Data Masking Pack and Enterprise Manager are not available, develop site-specific procedures to manage and obfuscate sensitive data.