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MongoDB must protect the confidentiality and integrity of all information at rest.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-221178 MD3X-00-000440 SV-221178r879642_rule High
This control is intended to address the confidentiality and integrity of information at rest in non-mobile devices and covers user information and system information. Information at rest refers to the state of information when it is located on a secondary storage device (e.g., disk drive, tape drive) within an organizational information system. Applications and application users generate information throughout the course of their application use. User data generated, as well as application-specific configuration data, needs to be protected. Organizations may choose to employ different mechanisms to achieve confidentiality and integrity protections, as appropriate. If the confidentiality and integrity of application data is not protected, the data will be open to compromise and unauthorized modification.
MongoDB Enterprise Advanced 3.x Security Technical Implementation Guide 2024-01-24


Check Text ( C-22893r411028_chk )
If the MongoDB Encrypted Storage Engines is being used, ensure that the "security.enableEncryption" option is set to "true" in the MongoDB configuration file (default location: /etc/mongod.conf) or that MongoDB was started with the "--enableEncryption" command line option.

Check the MongoDB configuration file (default location: /etc/mongod.conf).

If the following parameter is not present, this is a finding.

enableEncryption: "true"

If any mongod process is started with "--enableEncryption false", this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-22882r411029_fix)
Ensure that the MongoDB Configuration file (default location: /etc/mongod.conf) has the following set:

enableEncryption: "true"

Ensure that any mongod process that contains the option "--enableEcryption" has "true" as its parameter value (e.g., "--enableEncryption true").

Stop/start (restart) and mongod process using either the MongoDB configuration file or that contains the "--enableEncryption" option.