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MongoDB must provide audit record generation for DoD-defined auditable events within all DBMS/database components.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-221160 MD3X-00-000040 SV-221160r879559_rule Medium
MongoDB must provide audit record generation capability for DoD-defined auditable events within all DBMS/database components. Satisfies: SRG-APP-000089-DB-000064, SRG-APP-000080-DB-000063, SRG-APP-000090-DB-000065, SRG-APP-000091-DB-000066, SRG-APP-000091-DB-000325, SRG-APP-000092-DB-000208, SRG-APP-000093-DB-000052, SRG-APP-000095-DB-000039, SRG-APP-000096-DB-000040, SRG-APP-000097-DB-000041, SRG-APP-000098-DB-000042, SRG-APP-000099-DB-000043, SRG-APP-000100-DB-000201, SRG-APP-000101-DB-000044, SRG-APP-000109-DB-000049, SRG-APP-000356-DB-000315, SRG-APP-000360-DB-000320, SRG-APP-000381-DB-000361, SRG-APP-000492-DB-000332, SRG-APP-000492-DB-000333, SRG-APP-000494-DB-000344, SRG-APP-000494-DB-000345, SRG-APP-000495-DB-000326, SRG-APP-000495-DB-000327, SRG-APP-000495-DB-000328, SRG-APP-000495-DB-000329, SRG-APP-000496-DB-000334, SRG-APP-000496-DB-000335, SRG-APP-000498-DB-000346, SRG-APP-000498-DB-000347, SRG-APP-000499-DB-000330, SRG-APP-000499-DB-000331, SRG-APP-000501-DB-000336, SRG-APP-000501-DB-000337, SRG-APP-000502-DB-000348, SRG-APP-000502-DB-000349, SRG-APP-000503-DB-000350, SRG-APP-000503-DB-000351, SRG-APP-000504-DB-000354, SRG-APP-000504-DB-000355, SRG-APP-000505-DB-000352, SRG-APP-000506-DB-000353, SRG-APP-000507-DB-000356, SRG-APP-000507-DB-000357, SRG-APP-000508-DB-000358, SRG-APP-000515-DB-000318
MongoDB Enterprise Advanced 3.x Security Technical Implementation Guide 2024-01-24


Check Text ( C-22875r410974_chk )
Check the MongoDB configuration file (default location: '/etc/mongod.conf)' for a key named 'auditLog:'.

Example shown below:

destination: syslog

If an "auditLog:" key is not present, this is a finding indicating that auditing is not turned on.

If the "auditLog:" key is present and contains a subkey of "filter:" with an associated filter value string, this is a finding.

The site auditing policy must be reviewed to determine if the "filter:" being applied meets the site auditing requirements. If not, then the filter being applied will need to be modified to comply.

Example show below:

destination: syslog
filter: '{ atype: { $in: [ "createCollection", "dropCollection" ] } }'
Fix Text (F-22864r410975_fix)
If the "auditLog" setting was not present in the MongoDB configuration file (default location: '/etc/mongod.conf)' edit this file and add a configured "auditLog" setting:

destination: syslog

Stop/start (restart) the mongod or mongos instance using this configuration.

If the "auditLog" setting was present and contained a "filter:" parameter, ensure the "filter:" expression does not prevent the auditing of events that should be audited or remove the "filter:" parameter to enable auditing all events.