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The required mobile device management server version (or later) must be used.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-24972 WIR-WMS-GD-001 SV-30809r2_rule ECSC-1 Medium
Earlier versions of the MDM server may have security vulnerabilities or not have required security features implemented. Therefore, sensitive DoD data could be exposed if required security features are not implemented on site-managed mobile devices.
Mobile Email Management (MEM) Server Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) 2013-05-08


Check Text ( C-31225r6_chk )
On the mobile device management server, determine the version number of the server. The exact procedure will vary, depending on the mobile device management product used.

-Verify the server version is the latest available version and includes the latest patches available. Talk to the site system administrator and view the vendor's web site to determine the correct version number.

-Mark as a finding if the server version is not as required.
Fix Text (F-27612r3_fix)
Upgrade to required (or later) mobile device management server version.