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Microsoft Word 2007

Findings (MAC III - Administrative Sensitive)

Finding ID Severity Title
V-17187 Medium Disable Trust Bar Notification for unsigned application add-ins - Word
V-17322 Medium Block opening of pre-release versions of file formats new to Word 2007 through the Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system and Word 2007 Open XML/Word 97-2003 Format Converter - System
V-17184 Medium Block pop-ups for links that invoke instances of IE from within Word.
V-17183 Medium Block navigation to URL embedded in Office products to protect against attack by malformed URL.
V-17520 Medium Disable settings for content and add-ins that "Allow trusted locations not on computer" that might bypass more stringent security checks.
V-17522 Medium Disable Trust access for VBA into Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
V-17173 Medium Disable user name and password for Word.
V-17545 Medium Enable Warning Bar settings for VBA macros contained in WordFiles.
V-17174 Medium Enable IE Bind to Object functionality for instances of IE launched from Word.
V-17175 Medium Saved from URL - Word
V-17518 Medium Block opening of "open XML" format files created by pre-release versions of Word
V-17519 Medium Block Opening of "Open XML" file types to prevent them automatically executing code.
V-17813 Medium Enable the feature to warn before printing that the document contains tracking changes. - Word
V-17473 Medium Determine whether to force encrypted macros to be scanned in open XML documents.
V-17471 Medium Disable all Trusted Locations.
V-17503 Medium Disable feature that would block older version of office products from saving files to open XML formats.
V-17521 Medium Save files default format as backward compatible, not as XML.
V-17811 Medium Disable the feature to automatically update links when the document opens - Word.