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The Windows DNS Server audit records must be backed up at least every seven days onto a different system or system component than the system or component being audited.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-259415 WDNS-22-000115 SV-259415r945367_rule Medium
Protection of log data includes ensuring log data is not accidentally lost or deleted. Backing up audit records to a different system or onto media separate from the system being audited on a defined frequency helps to ensure the audit records will be retained in the event of a catastrophic system failure. This helps to ensure a compromise of the information system being audited does not also result in a compromise of the audit records. This requirement applies only to applications that have a native backup capability for audit records. Operating system backup requirements cover applications that do not provide native backup functions.
Microsoft Windows Server Domain Name System (DNS) Security Technical Implementation Guide 2024-01-09


Check Text ( C-63154r945366_chk )
Consult with the system administrator to determine the backup policy in place for Windows DNS Server.

Review the backup methods used and determine if the backup's methods have been successful at backing up the audit records at least every seven days.

If the organization does not have a backup policy in place for backing up the Windows DNS Server's audit records and/or the backup methods have not been successful at backing up the audit records at least every seven days, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-63062r939949_fix)
Document and implement a backup policy to back up the DNS server's audit records at least every seven days.