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The Windows Remote Management (WinRM) service must not use Basic authentication.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-220865 WN10-CC-000345 SV-220865r877395_rule High
Basic authentication uses plain text passwords that could be used to compromise a system.
Microsoft Windows 10 Security Technical Implementation Guide 2023-09-29


Check Text ( C-22580r555080_chk )
If the following registry value does not exist or is not configured as specified, this is a finding:

Registry Path: \SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WinRM\Service\

Value Name: AllowBasic

Value Type: REG_DWORD
Value: 0
Fix Text (F-22569r654973_fix)
Configure the policy value for Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Windows Remote Management (WinRM) >> WinRM Service >> "Allow Basic authentication" to "Disabled".

Severity Override Guidance: The AO can allow the severity override if they have reviewed the overall protection. This would only be allowed temporarily for implementation as documented and approved.
Allowing Basic authentication to be used for the sole creation of Office 365 DoD tenants.
A documented mechanism and or script that can disable Basic authentication once administration completes.
Use of a Privileged Access Workstation (PAW) and adherence to the Clean Source principle for administration.