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Unused accounts must be disabled or removed from the system after 35 days of inactivity.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-220711 WN10-00-000065 SV-220711r569187_rule Low
Outdated or unused accounts provide penetration points that may go undetected. Inactive accounts must be deleted if no longer necessary or, if still required, disable until needed.
Microsoft Windows 10 Security Technical Implementation Guide 2023-09-29


Check Text ( C-22426r554618_chk )
Run "PowerShell".
Copy the lines below to the PowerShell window and enter.

"([ADSI]('WinNT://{0}' -f $env:COMPUTERNAME)).Children | Where { $_.SchemaClassName -eq 'user' } | ForEach {
$user = ([ADSI]$_.Path)
$lastLogin = $user.Properties.LastLogin.Value
$enabled = ($user.Properties.UserFlags.Value -band 0x2) -ne 0x2
if ($lastLogin -eq $null) {
$lastLogin = 'Never'
Write-Host $user.Name $lastLogin $enabled

This will return a list of local accounts with the account name, last logon, and if the account is enabled (True/False).
For example: User1 10/31/2015 5:49:56 AM True

Review the list to determine the finding validity for each account reported.

Exclude the following accounts:
Built-in administrator account (Disabled, SID ending in 500)
Built-in guest account (Disabled, SID ending in 501)
Built-in DefaultAccount (Disabled, SID ending in 503)
Local administrator account

If any enabled accounts have not been logged on to within the past 35 days, this is a finding.

Inactive accounts that have been reviewed and deemed to be required must be documented with the ISSO.
Fix Text (F-22415r554619_fix)
Regularly review local accounts and verify their necessity. Disable or delete any active accounts that have not been used in the last 35 days.