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Microsoft InfoPath 2007

Findings (MAC III - Administrative Sensitive)

Finding ID Severity Title
V-17187 Medium Disable Trust Bar Notification for unsigned application add-ins - InfoPath
V-17184 Medium Block pop-ups for links that invoke instances of IE from within InfoPath.
V-17183 Medium Block navigation to URL embedded in Office products to protect against attack by malformed URL.
V-17667 Medium Disable sending the form template with the eMail form in InfoPath.
V-17582 Medium Enable the Restriction on adding custom code to InfoPath forms.
V-17580 Medium Control Forms Opening behavior for EMail forms containing code or scripts - InfoPath.
V-17663 Medium Disable opening of solutions from the Internet Security Zone - InfoPath.
V-17764 Medium Prevent unsafe file types to be attached to InfoPath forms.
V-17745 Medium Beaconing UI shown for forms opened in InfoPath - InfoPath
V-17746 Medium Beaconing UI forms opened in Editor ActiveX - InfoPath
V-17668 Medium Disable sending "InfoPath 2003" forms as email forms in InfoPath 2007.
V-17173 Medium Disable user name and password syntax from being used in URLs
V-17646 Medium Disable the Information Rights Management feature for InfoPath.
V-17174 Medium Enable IE Bind to Object functionality for instances of IE launched from InfoPath.
V-17175 Medium Evaluate Saved from URL mark when launched from InfoPath.
V-17758 Medium Offline Mode enabled to cache queries for offline mode.
V-17658 Medium Disable Fully Trusted Solutions access to computers - InfoPath
V-17657 Medium Disable eMail forms running in Restricted Security Level - InfoPath.
V-17656 Medium Disable eMail forms from the Internet Security Zone for InfoPath.
V-17655 Medium Disable email forms from the Full Trust Security Zone - InfoPath
V-17654 Medium Disable dynamic caching of the form template in InfoPath eMail forms.
V-17611 Medium Email with InfoPath forms to show UI to recipients.
V-17578 Medium Control behavior when opening forms in the Intranet Security Zone - InfoPath
V-17579 Medium Control behavior when opening eMail forms in the Trusted Site Security Zone - InfoPath
V-17576 Medium Block redirection behavior for upgraded web sites by SharePoint - Infopath.
V-17577 Medium Control "open forms" behavior for Internet Security zone - InfoPath