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The Exchange send connector connections count must be limited.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-259679 EX19-MB-000126 SV-259679r942351_rule Low
The Exchange Send connector setting controls the maximum number of simultaneous outbound connections allowed for a given SMTP connector and can be used to throttle the SMTP service if resource constraints warrant it. If the limit is too low, connections may be dropped. If the limit is too high, some domains may use a disproportionate resource share, denying access to other domains. Appropriate tuning reduces risk of data delay or loss.
Microsoft Exchange 2019 Mailbox Server Security Technical Implementation Guide 2024-01-10


Check Text ( C-63418r942349_chk )
Review the Email Domain Security Plan (EDSP).

Determine the value for SMTP Server Maximum Outbound Connections.

Open the Exchange Management Shell and enter the following command:

Get-TransportService | Select-Object -Property Name, Identity, MaxOutboundConnections

If the value of "MaxOutboundConnections" is not set to "1000", this is a finding.


If "MaxOutboundConnections" is set to a value other than "1000" and has signoff and risk acceptance in the EDSP, this is not a finding.
Fix Text (F-63326r942350_fix)
Update the EDSP to specify the "MaxOutboundConnections" value.

Open the Exchange Management Shell and enter the following command:

Set-TransportService -Identity <'IdentityName'> -MaxOutboundConnections 1000

Note: The value must be in quotes.


Enter the value as identified by the EDSP that has obtained a signoff with risk acceptance.