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Microsoft Exchange 2010 Core Server


Date Finding Count (6)
2012-05-31 CAT I (High): 0 CAT II (Med): 5 CAT III (Low): 1
STIG Description
The Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 STIGs cover four of the five roles available with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, plus core Exchange Server 2010 global requirements. The Email Services Policy STIG must also be reviewed for each site hosting email services. The core Exchange Server guidance must be reviewed on each server role prior to the role-specific guidance. Also, for the Client Access server, the IIS guidance must be reviewed prior to the OWA checks.

Available Profiles

Findings (MAC III - Administrative Sensitive)

Finding ID Severity Title
Exch-113 Medium Global inbound message size must be set.
Exch-112 Medium Unnecessary services must be removed or disabled.
Exch-111 Medium Exchange software must be monitored for change.
Exch-110 Medium Exchange application directory must be protected from unauthorized access.
Exch-114 Medium Global outbound message size must be set.
Exch-115 Low Global recipient count limit must be set.