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The Solidcore client Command Line Interface (CLI) Access Password must be changed from the default.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-213328 MCAC-TE-000102 SV-213328r506897_rule High
The Solidcore client can be configured locally at the CLI, but only when accessed with the required password. Since the McAfee Application Control configuration is to be managed by ePO policies, allowing enablement of the CLI to would introduce the capability of local configuration changes. Strict management of the accessibility of the CLI is necessary in order to prevent its misuse. The misuse of the CLI would open the system up to the possible configuration changes potentially allowing malicious applications to execute unknowingly.
McAfee Application Control 8.x Security Technical Implementation Guide 2020-10-02


Check Text ( C-14556r309081_chk )
This is a manual procedure to verify the CLI Access Password has been changed from its default setting by the ePO administrator.

Ask the ePO admin, "Has the CLI Access Password been changed from its default setting?"

If the default password is being used, this is a finding.

Note: The password does not need to be divulged during the review. An interview question of the SA to validate that it is not the default is sufficient.
Fix Text (F-14554r309082_fix)
Change the CLI password with one other than the default, using administrative password complexity.

From the ePO server console System Tree, select "My Organization".

In the "Configuration (Client)" category, click on the Organization's specific Configuration (Client) McAfee Default policy.

In the "CLI" tab, type a password other than the default, ensuring to conform to password complexity.

Confirm the password.

Click "Save".