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The network element must be running a current and supported operating system with all IAVMs addressed.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-3160 NET0700 SV-15302r2_rule Medium
Network devices that are not running the latest tested and approved versions of software are vulnerable to network attacks. Running the most current, approved version of system and device software helps the site maintain a stable base of security fixes and patches, as well as enhancements to IP security. Viruses, denial of service attacks, system weaknesses, back doors and other potentially harmful situations could render a system vulnerable, allowing unauthorized access to DoD assets.
Layer 2 Switch Security Technical Implementation Guide - Cisco 2019-01-09


Check Text ( C-12697r2_chk )
Have the administrator enter the show version command to determine the installed IOS version. As of June 2010, the latest major release is 12.4 for routers and 12.2 for switches (both access and multi-layer). The release being used must have all IAVMs resolved and must not be in a Cisco deferred status or has been made obsolete.

Ask the administrator login to the Cisco Software Center to download software. Select the specific router or switch model. Select the IOS Software link and then Verify that the release being used is listed under the release family (will need to expand the list) and not in the deferred list. If the release is not listed in either the release family or deferred, then the release is obsolete.

Verify that all IAVMs have been addressed.

Note: Cisco software in a differed state will still be at the Cisco Software Center and available for download under the deferred group, whereas software made obsolete is no longer available for download. Deferred status occurs when a software maintenance release is made obsolete and removed from order ability and service outside of Cisco's normal release schedule, or Cisco cancels a scheduled maintenance release from reaching the First-Customer-Ship (FCS) milestone. Deferrals are most often related to software quality issues. A deferral can be performed for an entire maintenance release, or just for certain sets of platforms or features within a release. A deferral prior to the FCS milestone may be performed by Cisco to protect customers from receiving software with known catastrophic defects. A deferral after FCS will expedite obsolescence for the release to limit the exposure of customers.
Fix Text (F-3185r4_fix)
Update operating system to a supported version that addresses all related IAVMs.