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The A/B switch must be properly marked and labeled.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-6758 KVM04.005.00 SV-6980r2_rule ECML-1 Low
Failure to correctly mark switch positions and cable connections can lead to the A/B switch connecting the wrong device to the wrong system for the current intended use. This can lead to a denial of access to a peripheral by an IS or the access of the wrong peripheral by an IS compromising sensitive data. The ISSO or SA will ensure the A/B switch, cables, switch positions, and connectors are labeled in accordance with this STIG.
Keyboard Video and Mouse Switch STIG 2015-12-09


Check Text ( C-2904r2_chk )
The reviewer will view the A/B switch to verify it is marked in accordance with this STIG. It is marked government owned equipment. The switch positions are marked as to the systems or peripherals connected. The cables and connectors are marked with the systems or peripherals that are connected and their classification level. If the A/B switch is not properly marked and labeled, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-6411r2_fix)
Mark and label the A/B switch in accordance with this STIG.