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There must be user documentation describing the correct usage and user responsibilities for an A/B switch.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-6719 KVM04.002.00 SV-6922r2_rule PRRB-1 Low
The Security Features Users Guide (SFUG) gives the user a single source to find security policy and guidance as to the user’s responsibility for security. The general policies and user responsibilities as apply to A/B switches and any local security policies will be placed in the SFUG or similar document. The ISSO will maintain and distribute to the users a SFUG that describes the correct uses of an A/B switch and the user’s responsibilities.
Keyboard Video and Mouse Switch STIG 2015-12-09


Check Text ( C-2760r2_chk )
The reviewer will interview the ISSO and view the SFUG or equivalent documentation to verify the following points are discussed.
1. A/B switches should be used only if there is no other solution.
2. A/B switches should be used only to connect multiple peripheral devices to a single IS.
3. A/B switches should never be used to connect a single peripheral to multiple ISs.
4. If an A/B switch is used to connect or share peripheral devices between two or more ISs, the ISs should be intended for the use of a single user within the users work area, and be visible from all ISs that it is attached.
If documentation does not exist with the SFUG, describing the correct usage of an A/B switch and the user’s responsibilities, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-6337r2_fix)
Create a section in the site's SFUG that contains general security policies and guidance plus the site's security policies and guidance for use of an A/B switch.