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Central processors must be restricted for classified/restricted Logical Partitions (LPARs).


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-24383 HLP0060 SV-30058r2_rule ECCD-1 ECCD-2 High
Allowing unrestricted access to classified processors for all LPARs could cause the corruption and loss of classified data sets, which could compromise classified processing.
IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC) STIG 2017-09-28


Check Text ( C-3270r1_chk )
Have the system administrator or systems programmer use the Hardware Management Console; to verify that the LPAR processors are dedicated for exclusive use by classified LPARs.

Use the Processor Page to do this. The Dedicated Central Processors option must be turned on.

If Central processors are not restricted for classified/restricted LPARs, this is a FINDING.
Fix Text (F-2350r1_fix)
Review the Processor Page under PR/SM and turn on the Dedicated Central Processor option for classified or restricted LPARs. For unclassified LPARs, this option should not be turned on, unless determined by the site.