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Required actions must be followed at the site when a CMD has been lost or stolen.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-24969 WIR-SPP-007-02 SV-30706r4_rule ECSC-1 Low
If procedures for lost or stolen CMDs are not followed, it is more likely that an adversary could obtain the device and use it to access DoD networks or otherwise compromise DoD IA.
General Mobile Device Policy (Non-Enterprise Activated) Security Technical Implementation Guide 2013-07-03


Check Text ( C-31133r2_chk )
Interview the IAO. Determine if any site mobile devices were reported lost or stolen within the previous 24 months. If yes, review written records, incident reports, and/or after action reports and determine if required procedures were followed.

Mark as a finding if the site had a lost or stolen mobile device within the previous 24 months and required procedures were not followed.
Fix Text (F-27592r3_fix)
Follow required actions when a CMD is reported lost or stolen.