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The Cisco ASA must be configured to automatically audit account modification.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-239898 CASA-ND-000100 SV-239898r666057_rule Medium
Since the accounts in the network device are privileged or system-level accounts, account management is vital to the security of the network device. Account management by a designated authority ensures access to the network device is being controlled in a secure manner by granting access to only authorized personnel with the appropriate and necessary privileges. Auditing account modification along with an automatic notification to appropriate individuals will provide the necessary reconciliation that account management procedures are being followed. If modifications to management accounts are not audited, reconciliation of account management procedures cannot be tracked.
Cisco ASA NDM Security Technical Implementation Guide 2021-03-15


Check Text ( C-43131r666055_chk )
Review the ASA configuration to determine if it automatically audits account modification. The configuration should look similar to the example below:

logging enable
logging buffered informational

Note: The ASA will log all EXEC-mode commands.

If account modification is not automatically audited, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-43090r666056_fix)
Configure the ASA to log account modification using the following commands:

ASA(config)# logging enable
ASA(config)# logging buffered informational
ASA(config)# end