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The installed version of the BlackBerry Playbook tablet operation system must be the latest version of OS 1.x.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-30766 WIR1100-01 SV-40613r1_rule ECWN-1 Medium
Required security features are not available in earlier OS versions. In addition, BlackBerry Playbook tablet OS 2.x may not be used until a STIG update has been released covering that version. New STIG checks are required to adequately secure new features expected in the OS 2.x release, otherwise sensitive DoD information may be compromised.
BlackBerry PlayBook Security Technical Implementation Guide 2012-02-08


Check Text ( C-39355r1_chk )
Select a sample of site managed Playbook tablets to review (2-3 devices selected at random).

Determine the installed OS version number as follows:
-Have the user log into the Playbook tablet.
-Navigate to the OS version number: Settings > About

Mark as a finding if the required OS version is not installed.
Fix Text (F-34466r1_fix)
Install the latest version of BlackBerry Playbook tablet OS 1.x.