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Apple iOS must require a valid password be successfully entered before the mobile device data is unencrypted.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-61893 AIOS-01-080006 SV-76383r1_rule High
Passwords provide a form of access control that prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing computing resources and sensitive data. Passwords may also be a source of entropy for generation of key encryption or data encryption keys. If a password is not required to access data, then this data is accessible to any adversary who obtains physical possession of the device. Requiring that a password be successfully entered before the mobile device data is unencrypted mitigates this risk. Note: MDF PP v.2.0 requires a Password Authentication Factor and requires management of its length and complexity. It leaves open whether the existence of a password is subject to management. This STIGID addresses the configuration to require a password, which is critical to the cybersecurity posture of the device. SFR ID: FIA_UAU_EXT.1.1
Apple iOS 9 Interim Security Configuration Guide 2015-12-07


Check Text ( C-62775r1_chk )
Review configuration settings to confirm the device is set to require a passcode before use.

This procedure is performed on the iOS device.

On the Apple iOS device:
1. Lock the device.
2. Wait the duration of the “Grace Lock” period.
3. Attempt to unlock the device.
4. Verify the unlock screen cannot be bypassed without entering a passcode.

If the unlock screen can be bypassed without entering a passcode, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-67811r1_fix)
Install a Configuration Profile to require a password to unlock the device.