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The iOS device Wi-Fi setting Ask to Join Networks must be set to Off at all times (User Based Enforcement (UBE)).


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-25092 WIR-iOS-005 SV-31000r3_rule ECWN-1 Low
When “Ask to Join Networks” is set to on, the user is alerted whenever they are in the vicinity of a Wi-Fi hotspot and could be tempted to connect to an unauthorized public hotspot, which could be managed by a hacker. Although the risk of exposing sensitive DoD data is low, setting this configuration as specified is a security best practice.
Apple iOS 6 Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) 2013-05-23


Check Text ( C-31417r6_chk )
On a sample of site-managed iOS devices (pick 3-4 random devices), have the user turn on and log into the device.

-Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.
-Touch Wi-Fi.
-Check the setting of "Ask to Join Networks".

Verify "Ask to Join Networks" is set to off (not selected).

Mark as a finding if "Ask to Join Networks" is not set to off.
Fix Text (F-27875r4_fix)
Set "Ask to Join Networks" to "Off".