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Mobile device cameras must be used only if documented approval is in the site physical security policy.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-25014 WIR-MOS-iOS-G-021 SV-30799r2_rule ECWN-1 Low
This is an operational security issue. DoD sensitive information could be compromised if cameras are allowed in areas not authorized by the site physical security plan.
Apple iOS 5 Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) 2012-07-20


Check Text ( C-31218r4_chk )
Note: The site has the ability to disable the camera by using the iPhone profile if camera use is not approved or allow the use of the camera and if use is approved and documented in the site physical security policy. Also, the site can state in the site physical security policy that camera use outside the facility is approved, but the camera must be disabled on the phone when brought into the facility. In this case, “Allow use of camera” would not be checked.

This is an iOS security policy set check. Recommend that all checks related to iOS security policy set rules be reviewed using the following procedure.

1. Make a list of all iOS security policies listed on the MDM server that have been assigned to iOS devices and review each policy using the following procedure:
-Have the SA identify STIG compliant and non-compliant policies on the server.
--Log into the MDM server console.
--Click on the Policies tab.
--View all iOS security policies on the server.
-Note: STIG-compliant policy sets should be identified as such in the policy title. An example is STIG_iOS_Policy_Set. It is recommended that all non-STIG/ISCG policy sets be deleted.

2. Select each iOS security policy iOS devices are assigned to, and in turn, verify the required settings are in the policy set.
-Note: If there is a finding, note the name of the non STIG/ISCG-compliant policy set in the Findings Details section in VMS/Component Provided Tracking Database.
-Launch the MDM console and click on the Policies tab.
-Select the iOS security policy.
-Determine if “Allow use of camera” is unchecked or checked.
If checked, verify the site physical security policy allows the use of smartphone cameras.

Mark as a finding if “Allow use of camera” is checked and the site physical security policy does not allow the use of smartphone cameras.
Fix Text (F-27665r1_fix)
Allow use of smartphone camera only if documented approval exists in the site physical security policy.