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The Apache web server must set an inactive timeout for sessions.


Finding ID Version Rule ID IA Controls Severity
V-92811 AS24-U2-000660 SV-102899r1_rule Medium
Leaving sessions open indefinitely is a major security risk. An attacker can easily use an already authenticated session to access the hosted application as the previously authenticated user. By closing sessions after a set period of inactivity, the Apache web server can make certain that those sessions that are not closed through the user logging out of an application are eventually closed. Acceptable values are 5 minutes for high-value applications, 10 minutes for medium-value applications, and 20 minutes for low-value applications.
Apache Server 2.4 UNIX Site Security Technical Implementation Guide 2019-10-03


Check Text ( C-92117r1_chk )
In a command line, run "httpd -M | grep -i Reqtimeout_module".

If the "Reqtimeout_module" is not enabled, this is a finding.
Fix Text (F-99055r1_fix)
Determine the location of the "HTTPD_ROOT" directory and the "httpd.conf" file:

# httpd -V | egrep -i 'httpd_root|server_config_file'
-D HTTPD_ROOT="/etc/httpd"
-D SERVER_CONFIG_FILE="conf/httpd.conf"

Load the "Reqtimeout_module".

Set the "RequestReadTimeout" directive.