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ECVI-1 Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Protection


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) traffic to and from workstation IP telephony clients that are independently configured by end users for personal use is prohibited within DoD information systems. Both inbound and outbound individually configured voice over IP traffic is blocked at the enclave boundary. Note: This does not include VoIP services that are configured by a DoD AIS application or enclave to perform an authorized and official function.

MAC / CONF Impact Subject Area
Medium Enclave Computing Environment


VoIP technology improves productivity through enhanced voice services for the DOD, but these services increase the risk in exposing government information systems to security vulnerabilities especially if configured independently by end users.  VoIP vulnerabilities are mitigated when authorized personnel configure the services.

1. The VoIP supported network must be designed, implemented, and operated in a secure manner, providing end-to-end security from the VoIP terminal device to the VoIP applications required for operation, including applicable host platforms and associated support software.
2. The IAO shall ensure that VoIP systems are approved by the DAA before they are installed and/or used to store, process, or transmit DOD information.
3. The IAO shall ensure that VoIP systems are compliant with overall network security architecture and appropriate enclave security requirements.
4. The IAO shall ensure that VoIP devices are added to site System Security Authorization Agreements.


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