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ECTC-1 Tempest Controls


Measures to protect against compromising emanations have been implemented according to DoD Directive S-5200.19.

MAC / CONF Impact Subject Area
High Enclave Computing Environment


All electronic and electromechanical information processing equipment can produce unintentional data-related or intelligence-bearing emanations, which if intercepted and analyzed, disclose the information transmitted, received, handled, or otherwise processed.  Properly implementing TEMPEST controls mitigates the risk of compromising emanations.

1. DoD Directive S-5200.19 establishes guidelines and procedures that shall be used by departments and agencies to determine the applicable countermeasures to protect against compromising emanations.
2. Some of the factors that shall be evaluated to determine TEMPEST countermeasures are:
  a. Location of systems and proximity of threat
  b. Volume of information processed
  c. Sensitivity of information processed
  d. Physical control of facility and systems
3. A Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority shall conduct or validate a TEMPEST countermeasure review.


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