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COMSEC activities comply with DoD Directive C-5200.5.

MAC / CONF Impact Subject Area
CLASSIFIED High Enclave Computing Environment


Improper handling of COMSEC devices and encryption keys will affect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of classified and sensitive information.  This implementation guide is aimed to help COMSEC personnel implement controls regarding proper safeguard, operation and maintenance of COMSEC devices and encryption keys.

1. The Communications Security Officer (CSO) shall ensure the development of a COMSEC Material Control Guide in accordance with DOD and NSA guidelines and organization specific COMSEC guide.  This guide shall include the following information at a minimum:
  · COMSEC material identification and accountability
  · COMSEC material control (e.g., forms, accounting reports, hand receipts)
  · Accounting forms
  · Receipt and transfer of COMSEC material
  · Packaging and shipment of COMSEC material
  · Inventory of accountable COMSEC material
  · Storage and destruction of COMSEC material
  · Reporting of COMSEC incidents
  · Creating and closing a COMSEC account
2. The CSO shall establish a COMSEC account.
3. The CSO shall designate COMSEC custodian and alternate custodian in writing.
4. COMSEC custodians shall take security trainings relevant to COMSEC material controls and be familiar with COMSEC procedures.


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