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CODB-1 Data Backup Procedures


Data backup is performed at least weekly.

MAC / CONF Impact Subject Area
MACIII Low Continuity


Data is at risk of corruption and loss if not backed up on the housing system on a weekly basis.  Backups should be incremental during the week and whole on weekends or during non-peak operational hours to ensure  completeness of backup with minimal disruption to system operations.

1. Data backup shall be performed on a weekly basis.
2. Backup media shall be labeled with the appropriate information, including a Date/Time stamp.
3. Data backups shall be logged and verified by the appropriate personnel in accordance with agency policy and standard operating procedures.
4. Backup media shall not be stored in the same office space as the information system that was backed up.


  • DoD Directive 3020.26, Defense Continuity Program, 08 September 2004