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Number Title Impact Priority Subject Area
SC-36 Distributed Processing And Storage P0 System And Communications Protection

The organization distributes Assignment: organization-defined processing and storage across multiple physical locations.
Distributing processing and storage across multiple physical locations provides some degree of redundancy or overlap for organizations, and therefore increases the work factor of adversaries to adversely impact organizational operations, assets, and individuals. This control does not assume a single primary processing or storage location, and thus allows for parallel processing and storage.

SC-36 (1) Polling Techniques
Distributed processing and/or storage may be employed to reduce opportunities for adversaries to successfully compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information and information systems. However, distribution of processing and/or storage components does not prevent adversaries from compromising one (or more) of the distributed components. Polling compares the processing results and/or storage content from the various distributed components and subsequently voting on the outcomes. Polling identifies potential faults, errors, or compromises in distributed processing and/or storage components.

The organization employs polling techniques to identify potential faults, errors, or compromises to Assignment: organization-defined distributed processing and storage components.